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Creativity and Emotion

Great content persuades, inspires and invokes powerful emotions. From video, to PR, to interactive assets, the Akateko team will inject imagination and heart into your content marketing efforts.

Brand Storytelling

We understand every client is unique, and so is their brand! The ideas, tone and flair we use in content are carefully considered to tell a story about your brand, and yours alone.

Centralised Strategy

Content requires a strategy focussed on your ROI goals. Whether aimed at inbound traffic, link-building, conversion or brand awareness, we’ll craft copy that works for you.


ontent marketing represents perhaps the most effective method of business communication in the digital era. For companies implementing a modern marketing strategy, content is an integral piece of the puzzle. Great content provides you with a means to communicate value to your customers, answer their questions or calm their fears, sell your products or services and help them to fall in love with your brand values.

Consider the last time you bought something – chances are you probably did some searching first, finding out about different products, reading how it would help solve your problems and helping you to make a decision – that’s content marketing in action! Persuasively written copy moves your audience through the purchase funnel, learning about you and your product along the way, improving the probability they’ll convert to a paying customer.

Creatively written copy also has a huge SEO benefit, helping search engines understand your website, decide where to rank you and help in making you appear for massive volumes of relevant keywords and topical queries.

Our Content Marketing experts have developed both static and interactive content for a huge variety of brands, including a couple of household names, reaching thousands of customers throughout the marketing funnel. Whoever you need to communicate your brand to, Akateko can help to tell your story.

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Answer Their Most Pressing Problems

The secret to great content is to solve your customers’ problems. Chances are, they’re reading about your products because they’re in dire straits and need a solution to their woes. Understanding your customers deepest desires and crafting content tailored to these needs ensures brand engagement, a development of trust and authority, and guides them ever closer towards the sweet spot of purchase.

Entire conversion funnels can be created through content, drawing your audience in with an answer to their initial question, before opening up a rabbit-hole of further info across a variety of platforms and mediums to drive awesome awareness, and massive intent.

By surveying real users, and conducting valuable keyword research and market analysis, at Akateko we’ve tried and tested multitudes of methods to drive inbound leads to clients products through content.

Provide The Solution They’re Looking For
Develop Content Around Your Customers Questions
Product Description Copywriting

Let’s Not Forget Your Product Copy

You could boast the best-trafficked blog in the world, but if your products don’t sound enticing, ain’t no-one gonna buy! Creatively written product copy isn’t just for fancy restaurant menus or posh supermarkets – it’s a core function of growing any successful business.

Alongside serving a strong purpose for SEO, writing exciting product copy helps you stand a head above the crowd of competition, sells not just the features but the benefits of your products and solidifies your brand positioning to your target audience. Two companies could sell exactly the same items, but to entirely different audiences and with varied price points, all based on how they develop their product copy.

We work closely with our clients to understand the audience they reach and the words, tones, and flairs that engage them, before spicing the copy up with a dose of search engine optimisation and a sprinkling of persuasive copywriting.

Serve Up A Persuasive Dish Of Product Copy

Brand Building Via Storytelling

For thousands of years, we’ve passed on stories – myths, legends and important knowledge – through the art of storytelling. In the modern era, we’re no different. Just as our ancestors past might inspire wonder through tales of soggy creatures living in a Scottish lake, you must ignite emotion around your brand within the users you reach.

The better your content can craft a story around your brand, the better you’ll evoke emotive responses, growing your audience, building influence and trust, and encouraging them to pass the story on to others. Combined with a great promotional strategy using channels such as social media, we can help to spread your influence far and wide.

Gather Round, For We’ve A Tale To Tell
Brand Building Via Storytelling

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls, Make Them Yourself

Ever noticed how some companies seem to be everywhere at once, canvassing their own blog, the press and social media with consistently great content but struggled to replicate it yourself? It’s all achieved through a process known as a content waterfall.

By creating one central pillar piece of super-duper-high-quality content – say, a huge How-To guide – and then splitting it into multitudes of smaller sections to share amongst every other channel, you maximise the reach of a singular content production effort. Turn that guide into an infographic, a one-minute video for Instagram, a Facebook Live stream, a LinkedIn Slideshare, the options really are (almost) infinite.

With a bit of know-how, some special software and a smattering of our own secret processes, we can turn your best performing content into a cascading waterfall of interest, engagement and new customers.

Open Your Content Marketing Floodgates

Now, Go Tell Everyone Else About It!

As you well know, we live in a socially driven world. The pure volume of content shared through different social networks is staggering, and it can be difficult to stand out. But, that’s because most businesses simply pump their content out, tweeting 3 times a day with no overarching goals or reason for promotion other than ‘they think they should’. Consumers are bored and have better things to do than sift through their feeds until they find your piece, no matter how great it is.

Don’t be like most businesses. Combining well written, cleverly researched content topics, with different visual mediums and a focussed promotional strategy means we ensure our clients’ content marketing hits a home run.

Knock It Outta The Park
Promote Your Content

Creating A Real Page Turner

From updating and tweaking your existing content and web-copy, through to developing a brand new inbound strategy, our process guarantees to delight and engage your customers through content.

  • Exploration & Discovery
  • Content Creation
  • Promotional Strategy
  • Review, Report, Repeat

What do people really want to know

Our process begins by exploring your current strategy, understanding your brand values and tone of voice, learning what kind of questions your customers ask and auditing your current content and keywords.

  • Content & Copy Audit
  • Audience Research
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competitor Research
  • Industry Exploration
  • Brand & TOV

Making ideas happen

Once we understand your audience, we’ll craft a content strategy for your brand, collating information and ideas about you, your industry, your competitors and more. Then we’ll get to work, methodically implementing your content strategy, prioritised by what we believe will have the greatest immediate impact for your brand.

  • Emotional Copywriting
  • Strategy Development
  • Content Waterfall
  • PR & Storytelling
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • KPIs & Goal Setting

Promotional Strategy

There’s no point creating amazing content if no-one ever sees it. Even if content has been produced purely for an inbound traffic benefit, we still take care to promote it across a variety of channels, helping to gauge content performance and what your audience likes in a shorter time span.

  • Link-Building
  • Social Media Strategy
  • PR
  • Email Marketing
  • Cross-Channel Promotion
  • Maximising Viewership

What gets measured, gets managed

Being able to properly analyse data and assess performance is a key component of our clients content strategies, whether the goal is revenue, lead generation, traffic, or brand awareness. We use this phase of the process to understand what’s worked (or not worked!), why and how we can replicate this to help clients further their success.

  • Personalised Dashboards
  • Success Analysis
  • Future Opportunities
  • Content Tracking Reports
  • Content Optimisation
  • Forecasting

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