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Well Versed

Our team has a wealth of experience managing PPC across Adwords, Bing and more, with monthly spend in the hundreds of thousands in a variety of industries, so you know you’re in good hands.

Tangible Results

Advertise to millions with tangible and instantaneous results with PPC marketing, tailored specifically to the exact customers you’re looking to reach, precisely as they’re ready to purchase.

ROI Assured

Optimisation of keywords, audiences, and targeting data help to lower costs-per-click, improve lead quality and increase conversion rates for your PPC campaigns, ensuring an ever-growing ROI.


PC campaigns have been a staple in online advertising for many years. However, with the variety of options available for advertisers to segment, target and show ads to their customers, pay-per-click can still be extremely daunting to dive into – especially with cold hard cash on the line!

The good news is, that no matter your budget size, you can begin benefitting from PPC almost immediately. As soon as your campaign is live, your ideal customers can start clicking through to your website, browsing your products and services and making those all important buying decisions.

At Akateko, we’ve got many years of experience managing advertising accounts spending tens of thousands every week. Making the best use out of all the formats available such as search, display and shopping ads, we’re diligent in formulating strategies to help our clients reach their specific goals.

Encompassing desktop, tablet and mobile, our PPC management services combine a solid analytical approach with expert copywriting skills and an omnichannel service offering. We’re confident we can make the right decisions to get your ads flying, so get in touch today.

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Ad Formats To Suit All Businesses and Budgets

From search network ads, to shopping features, through remarketing and the display network – there’s a whole world of different ways to advertise to your target audience through PPC. At Akateko, we’re firm believers in utilising a multi-channel ad strategy, tailored to hit our clients customers wherever they’re looking and at the right stage of their purchase cycle.

Our team is knowledgeable in all formats of PPC across Google, Bing, Audience Networks and Social Media, so you can trust us to advise on the optimal ad formats to put your business in front of the right people and deliver the absolute best results, whatever your goals.

Explore A World Of Ad Opportunities
Multi-Channel PPC Ad Formats For All Budgets
Writing Captivating Advert Copy For PPC

Concocting Captivating Conversion Copy

Before they even hit your site, the first hurdle in PPC is hooking potential customers in with well-crafted advert copy. Great copy influences every aspect of your PPC campaign, from encouraging clicks, to ensuring a great Quality Score, achieving higher positions and cheaper costs-per-click on your advertising.

We’ve become pretty good at channeling our inner Don Draper and re-living the Mad Men era of copywriting. Combined with knowledge of different industry insights, data sets, and consumer psychology, we’re positive Akateko can deliver excellent results across keyword analysis, ad structure and ad copy optimisation.

Grab A Scotch And Let’s Brainstorm

Lead With Your Landing Pages

No matter how clickable your ads are, the key to great conversion lies with your website landing pages – visitors won’t purchase if they arrive on a page entirely different to the ad they clicked on! What works can vary hugely from the type of ad clicked, the device they’re using, the event you’re trying to trigger and what stage of the customer journey they’re in.

Through comprehensive planning and design, we can improve your site or develop brand new landing pages, shaped specifically to aid in funneling PPC traffic through to your ultimate conversion goal, meaning higher conversion rates, lower costs of acquisition, and of course happier customers.

Let’s Supercharge Your Conversion Funnel
Leading With Landing Pages For PPC
Google Shopping Feeds Essential For Ecommerce

Essential Marketing For eCommerce

ECommerce is a competitive market, and going up against giants like Amazon is tough, to say the least! However, with a well built Google Shopping ad campaign, you’re guaranteed an edge over your competition and an opportunity to maximise sales through high-intent customers actively looking for your products.

We’re available to integrate your eCommerce store with a Google Shopping Feed, dynamically pulling through your products, reviews, stock, sales and more, attractively displaying your products right within a users search.

Get In, We’re Going Shopping

Don’t Neglect The Underdog

When other marketers talk PPC, they’re focused almost exclusively on Google Adwords – which is fine, if you’re willing to leave an additional 10% customer growth on the table, but we know you’re way smarter than that. Bing may not get much attention compared to it’s more sophisticated cousin, but it’s an absolute goldmine for high-intent PPC traffic, low CPC, and great conversion rates.

With PPC Management from Akateko, we optimise all our clients’ campaigns individually for both Google and Bing. Managing each separately maximises the ROI from each channel to make sure you’re not leaving even a penny wasted on the table.

Make Google Jealous
Bing Advertising Might Be A PPC Goldmine
Remember Remarketing And Don't Leave Cash On The Table

Lasso ‘em Back In With Remarketing

Ever been followed around the web with an advert for something you viewed weeks ago? That’s remarketing in action and whilst some people find it creepy and weird, it’s actually an incredibly effective method for pulling back in potential customers that have engaged with your brand before they purchase elsewhere.

We’re seasoned remarketers, able to set-up extremely specific audience segments to target based on how and when they’ve interacted with your website and products. From here we can develop ad creative that helps re-engage users with the exact products they’ve viewed, encouraging return purchases and higher conversion volumes.

Rope ‘Em Back In

Start Making An Instant Return From PPC

Whether you’ve got existing ads for us to get to grips with, or need help starting with PPC from scratch, we have a refined process in place to make the transition as smooth as possible.

  • Exploration & Discovery
  • Campaign Set Up
  • Maintain & Optimise
  • Review, Report, Repeat

Getting your campaigns right

No-one knows your customers better than you – that’s why we always begin with a discovery session to learn about you, your business, your audience demographic and your goals, both short and long term. We’ll then expand this knowledge base with keyword research, competitor analysis, competitive difficulty and more.

  • Client Meetings
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Audience Analysis
  • Industry Exploration
  • Past Campaign Performance

Planting the pillars of your campaign

We have an eagle eye for quality keywords and ad copy that will resonate with your customers. Here’s where we’ll implement that expertise to start new campaigns or expand on your existing PPC setup to start generating all-important clicks and conversions.

  • Analytics Integration
  • Advert Creation
  • Landing Page Optimisation
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Remarketing Setup
  • Shopping Feed Setup

Incremental improvements & health checks

PPC isn’t a set and forget channel. Following an initial period to let ad impressions flow in, we’ll conduct regular audits, optimise bids, check for underperforming or negative keywords, A/B test advert copy and more in an effort to squeeze the very best ROI from your PPC campaigns.

  • Keyword Auditing
  • Automated Bid Changes
  • Quality Score Improvements
  • Adword Scripts
  • Split Testing
  • New Opportunities

Keeping you in the loop on performance

Marketing moves quickly, and so do we, keeping up to date with new developments to PPC platforms and new ad opportunities that we can make the most of to further grow the ROI of our clients’ campaigns. We also produce easy to understand reports based on clients individual PPC goals, so they can see their wins at a glance.

  • Personalised Dashboards
  • Competitor Updates
  • Creative Analysis
  • Conversion Value & ROI
  • Opportunity Recommendations
  • Forecasting

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