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Solid Foundations

SEO requires a strong base to build on, so our approach initially focuses on extensive research and on-site optimisations to prepare our clients sites for lasting search success.

Long-term Results

Excellent SEO means playing the long game. Our methods strategically establish long-term value which, like a good interest rate, compounds year after year.

Future Proofed

Organic search is constantly shifting to provide the best results. By studying developments in markets, technologies, UX, and behaviours, we’re prepared for whatever Google throws our way.


oogle takes over 200 different factors into consideration when ranking your website, each of which can be influenced in a variety of ways. With some more critical than others, it’s no wonder people see SEO as a mystical art!

At Akateko, we’re committed to going the extra mile, breaking down our process and explaining the changes we implement to educate clients and dispel SEO myths. It also means you get to know exactly what you’re paying for! 

We know from first-hand experience the power and importance of organic site traffic. That’s why we work tirelessly to maintain an acute awareness, not just of the changes to search algorithms, but of the changing industry landscapes and tactics of our clients and their competition.

Our Sheffield based SEO team is well-versed in managing high-value, high-volume search engine campaigns for a variety of clientele. Our knowledge of SEO generates fantastic results, with a deep-seated mindset for ethics and sustainability.

Because we’re always bringing our A-game, we’re confident in the long-lasting and forward-thinking strategies we propose to our clients. Whatever the challenge you’re facing, we’re positive we can deliver great results for your search marketing.

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Technical SEO, all the cool kids are doing it...

Search engines don’t see your site in the same way we do (they don’t have eyes for a start…), but just like looking at a badly drawn map, if you don’t help guide Google through your website’s codebase, it won’t know how or where to rank you.

Between missing markup, rogue redirects, incorrect indexing and malign manual-actions, there’s a whole host of technical problems that could be seriously damaging your websites ranking ability, even with an amazing content or link-building strategy.

We love letting our technical whizkids off the leash to delve deep and optimise your website’s code to be search engine friendly – naturally boosting performance and building the supporting infrastructure for further optimisations.

Unleash The Technical Beast
Technical Search Engine Optimisation
Sheriff Google

Content ain't just King, it’s Galactic Emperor of SEO

Way back when SEO’s had less morals than a Wild West bandito, building torrents of backlinks and thin content was a quick way to win. Thankfully good ol’ Sheriff Google showed up and send those scoundrels packing. Nowadays the best SEO is derived from value-driven, highly informative, and engaging content.

From hitting even more keywords and queries, keeping users on your site longer, moving them through the purchase funnel, to upselling and educating them on your product. Placing a focus on producing content that appeals to your audience, captures their (ever decreasing) attention spans and answers their questions about your business in detail has near endless SEO benefits.

Supported by detailed keyword-research, query analysis and understanding our clients’ audiences, we’ve produced content pieces that drive thousands of site visits month-on-month, and tonnes of juicy backlinks.

Expand Your Empire

The Missing (Back)Link

Even with the rapid evolution of search, backlinks still contribute humongous value within any SEO strategy. A sign of authority and trust in your website, a well designed, high-value backlink profile is super important to achieving top rankings for your most valuable queries. Our team has extensive experience constructing valuable, relevant, and diverse backlink profiles for our clients from authoritative sources through unique creative methods.

On the other side of the coin, it’s also possible to have extremely detrimental links pointing to your site, sending very wrong signals to search engines. Our link profiling process also involves removing these negative links to encourage better growth – think of it as pruning your SEO bonsai.

Get Your Very Own Link Tree
Backlink Bonsai
Click Through Rate Optimisation for SEO

CTRO: Getting every last drop of juice out of search

Click-Through-Rate-Optimisation, or CTRO between friends, is the art of acquiring additional organic traffic even when you’re not moving up the rankings. It’s an incredibly important part of our clients SEO war-chests, especially when ranking in competitive industries and high-volume searches that take a long-while to achieve growth.

Our ‘Akateko CTRO Secret-Sauce’ follows a rigorous process of hypothesising, incremental testing and regularly improving different components and pages on our clients sites, finding out exactly what resonates with their audiences to ensure maximum click volumes. We feel it’s an essential SEO strategy that not enough businesses are taking advantage of.

Grab Your Labcoat, It’s Time To Get Scientific

Audit’s the name and website health checks are my game!

An integral part of any SEO work, we conduct thorough audits of clients websites, backlink profiles, competitors, industries and more – way before we even think about getting into the fun bit! Because your marketing doesn’t happen in a vacuum and every website and client is different, audits allow us to devise truly bespoke search engine marketing strategies.

Plus, Akateko audits don’t just review what clients are currently doing. They’re also amazingly useful for uncovering ideas and secret new sources of short and long-tail organic traffic: Treasure-troves of potential customers! Regular checkups ensure clients are always on top of changes in the flow of traffic to their sites.

Let’s Book You That Checkup
Website Audit And Health Check
Accessible Reporting And Data Analysis

Reporting done right

Incomprehensible reports, gobble-de-gook terminology and backwards charts are the bane of our existence – we’re sure you feel the same way! To do our part in the war on terrible reporting, we guarantee to provide clear, accessible reports which tell you everything you need to know, without the need for a PhD in Data Science.

Working closely with our clients to understand their core metrics, KPIs and SEO goals, we pull together helpful dashboards that display how their campaigns are performing, and what they can expect from them in the future. Then, if there’s anything else to delve in to, we’re always on hand to examine and explain other data points.

Break It Down Now, Y’all

No Assembly Required

Our process is intentionally fashioned to help you understand what we’re doing, and why, every step of the way, making knowing your SEO simpler than an IKEA™ furniture manual.

  • Exploration & Discovery
  • Auditing & Diagnostics
  • Technical & On-Site
  • Backlink Profile Construction
  • Review, Report, Repeat

This ain’t no 20 questions

Our process begins with a series of quality client discovery sessions, learning everything we can about your business, your customers, how they interact with and how they buy from you. With your expert insights we can start exploring new ideas to supercharge your SEO efforts.

  • Client Meetings
  • User Research
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competitor Research
  • Industry Exploration
  • Past Performance

Diligent data dig downs

Using a variety of tools and processes, we research every single page of your website and their impact on your search rankings. We also look into any existing issues such a manual-action or Google penalties that might affect your site, plus conduct technical, content and backlink audits to cover every eventuality.

  • Architecture
  • Site Speed
  • Link Profile Audit
  • Content Audit
  • Technical Audit
  • KPIs & Goal Setting

Laying the foundations for SuccessEO

Picking out the nitty-gritty details that could make or break your campaign, our technical SEO improvements cover every pixel of your site. Ensuring compliance with Google guidelines and providing a clear path for search engine crawlers, you’ll soon be out-performing the competition.

  • Meta Data
  • Indexation & Canonicals
  • URL Structure
  • Schema
  • Crawl Errors
  • Link Equity Flow

Building only the best backlinks

Building a balanced and varied link profile through content, PR, competitor analysis and a few of our own little tricks, here’s where we’ll really inject your SEO campaign with a shot of adrenaline.

  • Backlink Audit
  • Outreach
  • Link Building
  • Disavows & Link Cleanup
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Creation

Closing the feedback loop

Algorithms, tools and processes are always changing – SEO is an industry in flux! We regularly repeat audits on what we’ve implemented, adapting your strategy to confirm your SEO is always moving forwards and providing a great return on investment.

  • Personalised Dashboards
  • Growth & Visibility
  • Traffic Share
  • Conversion Value & ROI
  • Algorithm Updates
  • Forecasting

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